A tour of Tenerife: Are you driving?

Loro Parque, Siam Park, boat excursions, dolphin watching, paragliding, you know the organized excursions and activities. A tour guide arrives at the hotel, he or she tells very enthusiastically about all kinds of excursions and sights of the island. Everything but really everything is very beautiful, very nice or totally fantastic … We decided to rent a car ourselves and discover the island. What I like about an island is that you can see a lot of the island in a week and get a good impression of, in this case, Tenerife.

Our starting point is Playa de Las Americas, then we continue to Los Gigantes, Masca, Drago Milenario, Puerto de la Cruz and finally Santa Cruz.

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes has a viewpoint where you can take beautiful pictures, you overlook the sea and a rock face. This rock wall is often used as a film set, the films Clash of the Titans and Clash of the Red Rangers are both recorded there. They asked the people who normally sail there for their work not to work for a month so that the film could be recorded there.

Of course these people were richly rewarded for that. Not working for a month and getting paid one and a half times your monthly salary is not wrong. After taking the necessary photos, we got back in the car on the way to the next destination.

Masca (banana plantations)

Masca is a pirate village and has been unreachable for cars for a long time. There is now a mountain road through the green mountains of Masca. This road goes from left to right and back again, no fun for someone with a sensitive stomach like me. You will find banana plantations everywhere along the road.

Bananas are the island’s export product. Tenerife bananas do not look as nice as in the Netherlands, but taste much better. The island drink is a banana liqueur and banana wine, these drinks are highly recommended! If you do not have a car at your disposal, but still want to see the banana plantations, you can go to the Bananera with a free bus.

Drago Milenario (dragon tree)

Drago Milenario (dragon tree)

On all island maps this place is indicated as a must-see, so this must be a very special tree. According to the population of Tenerife, this elderly tree has special powers. According to the population, the red-colored sap that comes from the tree in the open air has a medicinal effect. However, nowhere is it indicated that this tree is in the Parque del Drago Milenario nature park. So we did not look at this tree closely, but I could see it above the walls.

Puerto de la Cruz

Because the sea in Puerto de la Cruz is very rough, a swimming pool complex has been built in the sea (Lago Martianez). This beautiful (at least I think) swimming pool complex is open from 10 am to 5 pm. The entrance prices are great: adults € 5.50 children (2-11) € 2.50. Beach beds and umbrellas can be rented, food and drinks can be bought at one of the bars.

Santa Cruz (capital of Tenerife)

Santa Cruz (capital of Tenerife)

Okay, how disappointing this city was to me! It is a big city with a lot of vacancies, dirty tiles and few sights. We have therefore spent little time here and quickly got into the car. 200 km, 420 minutes, 5 stops and many new impressions further we arrived in Playa de Las Americas. Picked up a nice restaurant on the boulevard to enjoy with a Sangria Cava and spaghetti Carbonara. Life is good!

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